Reynaldo Rodriguez is a self-taught Artist has been part of the Art world science childhood days in Puerto Rico. Although his master serial art medium, his passion is color pencil drawing and acrylic paint. Right from his arrival in Chicago in the 90's he became involved with Creative Oasis and Around the Coyote Art Festival, later on the volunteer long hours with Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center were later became the Coordinator of "Sembrando Futuro" a project developed by the center and sponsored by Illinois Art Council, Department of Cultural Affairs and MOWD for the last two years for it's summers youth program.

On this Mural project he mentored 30 students and two youth won the I.A.C. neighborhood Art partnership summer program scholarship 2000, This Mural also won the 2000-01 I.A.C. neighborhood program as well Gallery 37's Certificate award for the best project mural in the Puerto Rican Community.

He excelled his willingness to share his versatile talent whether teaching color pencil drawing, Window dressing, Painting Murals, Recycle art classes, Stage design, Rain Sticks making, Developing Video documentation or introducing youth to Social Art Expression for a world free of violence and drugs.

The Puerto Rio's Institute of Culture can also vouch for his enthusiastic never ending energy in regard to curetting it's most cherish exhibit "Santos de Puerto Rico' - The wood carved saint Collection dates back to the 16th.century

Currently he is a free-lance Graphic Artist developing serial proyects such as a series of coloring / activity book called " Mi Barrio Boricua", an Travel exhibit- "Homenajes" - a series of paintings honoring Puerto Ricans that has made history in P.R. and outside the island, all paintings are signed by the honored People and the painting travels to differents Schools, Museums & Cultural Centers. 

He was also The Art Consultant for the Puerto Rican Parade committee. He's part of the Childrren's Museum Committee program know as Passaport to the World -"Puerto Rico" for his 4th. years, were he desing the 1st. Hispanic poster and Postcard for the Museum.

He was presented with a Richard Daley's Certificated of Appreciation for his exceptional contribution that has provided to the City of Chicago by the Mayor Richard M.Daley. He also desing the award wining silk-screens:"Añorando a Puerto Rico "(2001), "La Mujer Puertorriqueña Haciendo Historia" (2002), "Blessing of The Drums - a Drummer's Dream" (2002),"Mis Raices" (2003) y "El Valor Cultural de la Hispanidad" (2007).

He receive a Special Recognition "Little One with Big Dreams" 2002 and 2003 for contributing to the cultural enrichment of the children of Luis Muños Marin primary center. In 2003 he was invited by the Museum of Art and History "Renes Marques" in his hometown, Arecibo, P.R. for the celebration of the City's 300 years, were was presented with a award of the Best Educational Exhibit by the Mayor of the City Hon.Frankie Hernandez Colon / Sponsered by Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico.